10 Coaching Points for Better Shooting

If you cannot score, you cannot win. There are no ties in the game of basketball – at least there aren’t supposed to be any ties.

Here are 10 coaching pointers to help your players improve their shooting.

  1. The shot starts with the feet and the proper stance.
  2. Be quick without hurrying.
  3. Get your feet ready first.
  4. Use, and hold, a high, one second in duration follow through.
  5. When practicing, take game shots, from game spots at game speed.
  6. Warm-up your shot every day before practicing or games.
  7. Players must become proficient at shooting off the catch when stationary, off the dribble and off the pass when cutting.
  8. Lock your focus on your target one full second before starting the shot.
  9. To make sure the shot is up and not out (flat), elevate the elbow above the eyebrow.
  10. When working on your shot to correct a flaw, go to the free throw line. Your free throw is the basis of your jump shot.

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