Strategy and Tactics

The Value of Getting Fouled

Coaches and players both tend to think of the benefit of fouls solely in terms of point scored at the foul line. This is a mistake, both strategically and tactically. While scoring points at the foul line is essential, it is hardly the only reason a team should seek to draw fouls.

Some positives of drawing fouls include:

1) Forcing the opponent to adjust their line-up.
2) Reducing the time the opponent’s star player is the game.
3) Forcing the opponent to adjust their strategy.
4) Scoring points (always a good tactic).
5) Allows for substitutions following a made last free throw so the press can be set up.
6) Places the opponent at a disadvantage late the in game if your team is already in the
bonus or double bonus.
7) Increasing foul totals on the opponent can be an equalizing factor in the outcome of
the game.